5 Strategies For Gathering Training

The tradition of yoga has been largely passed down from student to teacher. This knowledge has grown and changed over thousands of years – evolving ever so slowly into what we call “yoga” today. Because these ideas were often guarded and kept secret, much of yoga was hidden in mystery until quite recent.

We find this inner peace by practicing yoga poses, also called asanas, and through breathing. Asana is the Sanskrit word for the poses and positions you practice in yoga. These include many different twisting, standing, back bending, and balancing positions of different parts of the body. This all helps with alignment and balance, making the mind and body stronger. Anyone of any age or ability can practice yoga, though some positions require more skill than others to perform. Breathing awareness and control is also important. It helps strength the mind and body connection while also helping us to slow down and relax.

First, set a bedtime and stick to it. Pick one that you can easily follow. Work backward. If you get up at am and you want hours yoga poses of sleep go to bed at Then by 11 pm you will be asleep. Use this same time line at least two weeks before the holidays arrive.

This is the time you need the support of trusted friends and family. Reach out and spend time yoga stretches with those who love and care about you. Affair surviving is much more difficult without the help and comfort of your friends and family.

NOW, add the yoga stretch, Child’s Pose! Ask the child to move from the hands and knees postion to a position sitting on their heels. Keep their arms l-o-n-g with their palms glued to the floor – just where they started.


Now that you know what you need to work on, get busy! And while you saunter confidently through the holidays listen to the comments you get. If someone tells you how rested or glowing you look, they’re actually trying to figure out whether you’re pregnant (again) or have been nipped and tucked! Or perhaps they choose to be direct when they ask what you’ve done to look so much younger, while they’re actually thinking they hate you for looking so good. Don’t worry, it’s alright to share your secrets (as well as this article) with all of your well-meaning, albeit jealous friends!


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